Washer and Dryer for SCBA Cylinder



It maintains the inside of the SCBA cylinder like a new one all the time. It makes users and scuba divers breathe the fresh air, protects their cardiopulmonary function and improves workability.


When you press the button just once, you can finish all process from washing to drying. The system has indicator light to display operation process. It also has emergency push button and perception sensor for SCBA cylinder.


It has the advantage that it can wash 50-min. SCBA cylinder, and even 30-min. and SCUBA cylinder for skin scuba divers by applying multiple adaptor.


It washes everywhere with up-and-down 360 degree revolving nozzle. It also eliminates pollutant or oil etc. caused by long term stored compressed air by using about 35 kg/㎠ of high-pressure water spray with natural detergent.


It enhances the efficiency operation and space owing to the integration of washing, drying and valve opening and shutting system by using torque wrench.


After washing of the SCBA cylinder with high pressure spray nozzle at first, it does the second sterilization by injecting electrolyzed silver particle into the SCBA cylinder through silver-ion sterilization water pump. Silver ion, which is harmless, has strong deodorization power with sterilizing power.

Weight Max. 200kg
Supply Voltage 380V
Power Consumption Max. 5kW
Material SS400 2.0T
Drain PT2-1/4″ (50A)
Water Pump 30~35kg/㎠
Flow Max. 110L
Silver Bar 99.9% Degree of purity
Multiple adaptor Fixure equipment for SCBA Perception sensor
Easy to operate Washing nozzle