Washer and Dryer for SCBA Cylinder




The supersonic wave is a general name of higher wave than audio frequency and generally stands for frequency more than 16 KHz. Once the supersonic wave is launched in solvent, the expansion and contraction occur in liquid by the vibration of molecule and, when the energy of supersonic wave becomes larger, the cohesive power of the liquid is destructed and millions of tiny cavities are made. It is called CAVITATION. Powerful energy are created through explosion of these cavities. By this powerful shock wave, cleaning from the surface of the object to the deep inside is made in short time without any damage.


As operate generating sound wave of 28 kHz, is sterilizing perfection for bacillus and bacterium that hide on mask deep part.


The First sink is wash process and second sink is rinse process by supersonic transducer. It is made some ozone to being neutralized with water. Finally third sink is dry process by high pressure spray.


After provides many baskets, it is available successive wash after other masks washing end.


After supersonic washing, you may set the basket with mask in dryer while drying It may successive process because the size of basket same as the one of dryer.

Size 1610(W)x600(H)x800(d)/mm
Weight Max. 120kg
Supply Voltage 220V
Power Consumption Max. 5kW
Material ST304 1.5 (Stainless steel)
Basket 420(W)×420(D)×1400(H)mm
Supersonic 28kHz
Flow 110L
Three type of washing High pressure spray Supersonic washing
Easy to operate Minimum six face mask Compatibility of basket