Washer and Dryer for SCBA Cylinder



It is a valve to open and close the cylinder valve of SCBA. Our device is providing the excellent opening-efficiency without giving the problem of overloaded power of worker because hydraulic motor is used to open it. With electronic torque gauge installed It exactly provides the performance of 95~105Nm which is a valve opener's power to be advised by the cylinder manufacturer.
It is designed to increase the efficiencies of electric and to be simple in its structure and fixed in its very middle. There are two types to open the cylinder of 30 or 50 minutes.

Size 740(W)×740(D)×1685(H)/mm
Weight Max.110kg
Supply Voltage 380V
Power Consumption Max. 5kW
Material SS400 2.0T
Operation Hydraulic Power of Electric Control
Hydraulic Power 31.5kW / Flux 5.5 ~ 8cc

Easy to operate

Handling without damage due to urethane rubber band attached Toque meter to check the pressure

Rotary Style Puller

Oil pressure motor Combination of Valve opener and endoscope