Washer and Dryer for SCBA Cylinder



It is the equipment for washing, sterilizing and drying the cylinder for air breathing for fire fighters. By just one operation, washing, sterilization and drying of five SCBA cylinders can be done automatically and successively. It can also make them sterile without any deformation or denature.
The hot water mixed with cleansing solution is sprayed by the pressure of 30 ~ 35 kg/㎠. The sterilization is processed with silver-ionized water through electrolysis by using silver bar of 99.99% purity. The sterilization is maintained by silver remained in cylinders. The drying is performed by the hot air of 40 ~ 50 ℃ with the pressure of 1 ~ 4 kg/㎠. It takes just 20 ~ 25 minutes for each complete process. It is available for 50-minute cylinders, 30-minute cylinders, and skin scuba cylinders.

Size 1850(W)×700(D)×1260(H)/mm
Max. 150kg
Supply Voltage
Power Consumption
Max. 5kW
SS400 2.0T
PT1-1/4″ (50A)
Water Pump
Max. 110L
Silver Bar 99.9% Degree of purity

For 50-minute SCBA cylinder

For 30-minute SCBA cylinder For skin scuba cylinder

Perception sensor

Indicator light for operation Indicators for drying temperature and pressure of wash water

The inside of the equipment